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Yoga C940 14 Battery, Laptop Batteries For LENOVO Yoga C940 14 Laptop

This page list all the laptop batteries for LENOVO Yoga C940 14 laptop, welcome choose this LENOVO Yoga C940 14 notebook battery online, we can fast shipping it in USA

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This Genuine LENOVO Yoga C940 14 Laptop Battery 7820mAh, 60Wh  7.68V Black Li-Polymer will be shipped by USPS( Default )

LENOVO Yoga C940 14 Battery 7820mAh, 60Wh  7.68V Black Li-Polymer
Yoga C940 14 Battery, Laptop Batteries For LENOVO Yoga C940 14 Laptop, 7820mAh, 60Wh , 7.68V, Black , Li-Polymer
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Genuine LENOVO Yoga C940 14 Laptop Battery 7820mAh, 60Wh 7.68V Black Li-Polymer

Battery ID:NLVL18M4PH060WHB4
Battery Description:Battery For Yoga C940 14 Laptop
Battery Type: Li-Polymer
Battery Volt: 7.68V
Battery Capacity:7820mAh, 60Wh
Battery Color: Black
Note: Type A 10 wires, Type B: 12 Wries.
Battery Cells: Grade A, 4 Cells
Total Sale: 223 Sold
Condition: Original / Genuine Battery - 1 Year Warranty
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  • Original price: $ 60.70
  • Today's Price:
    $ 47.95
    (Updated: 14 Jun 2024 in stock)
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Genuine LENOVO Yoga C940 14 Laptop Battery 7820mAh, 60Wh 7.68V Black Li-Polymer
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Compatibility Of This Yoga C940 14 Laptop Battery

This Yoga C940 14 Laptop Battery Compatible Follow Original Battery Number:
[5B10T11585] , [5B10T11586] , [5B10T11686] , [5B10W67180] , [5B10W67374] , [L18C4PH0] , [L18M4PH0] , [SB10W67323] , [SB10W67416]

This Yoga C940 14 Laptop Battery Can Work With Follow Laptop:
YOGA C940 , Yoga C940 14, Yoga C940 SP/A , Yoga C940-14IIL, Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000BGJ , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000FUS , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000MUS , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000PMH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000RCK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000WTA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000YFR , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90014HH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90016GJ , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90018JP , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001DUK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001FSP , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001LMX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001NMX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001RSB , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001YGM , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90023IX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90028AD , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002AAD , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002CSA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002HRU , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002KRU , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002MRU , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002QRU , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002SAX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002UTW , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90030SC , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90032SC , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90037LM , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9003DIX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003ERU , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003HBM , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9003NPH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003PUS , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003TYA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003VYA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90041US , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90043RM , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9004BCY , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004CMJ , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004EUE , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004GMH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004NIV , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9004QIV , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004SIV , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9004VIV , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004YIV , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90051IV , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90054IV , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90059IV , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005BAK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005JMZ , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005LMH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005NMB , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005TPB , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005VIV , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90061TA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90063MJ , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90066HH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006CAX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006EAU , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9006FMX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006NSA , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9006QHH , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9006STW , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006TTW , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006XMZ , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q90071LT , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90074JP , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q90078RK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007AKR , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9007FTX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007JKR , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007PRA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007TPB , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007YCK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90081FR , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q90083FR , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90088AD , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9008BED , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008GHV , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9008KED , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008MSA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008RFE , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008UUE , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9008WMZ , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008XMZ , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q90093CY , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90097SC , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009ALT , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009DUE , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009GMB , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9009NLM , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009QMX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009SMX , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q9009WMX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900A3AX , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900A6PH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900A9BM , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900ABVN , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900AEPH , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900AJIN , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900AKSA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900AMAK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900ATRK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900AVMH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900AXYA , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900B4AR , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900B9HH , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900BBHH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BHSB , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900BJIN , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BPHH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BRMB , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900BUED , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BVFE , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900C2DS , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900C3PE , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900C5RK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CBFR , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CDPB , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CFSP , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CLMZ , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CPML , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900CTRK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900D0RU , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900D3SA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900D5AK , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900D9RA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DBMJ , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DDUS , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DMAX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DRHH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DTHH , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900DUSC , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900E0HH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900E2UE , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900E4HH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900E6HH , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EHCK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EKCK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EMCK , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900ETSC , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900EVID , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EWMX , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900F3PB , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900F5PB , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900F7PB , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900F8SB , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900FFTA , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900FHTA , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900FPPH , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900FSID , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900FULT , YOGA C940-14IIL 81Q900FXGE , Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900G0FE , Yoga C940-14IIL(81Q90009MX) , Yoga C940-14IIL-81Q9

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Laptop Batteries - Taking Care of Them

Do you always end up hurrying to a closed wall power outlet to charge up your laptop batteries simply so you can use it? And irrespective of fully charging prior to leaving the home, you still run low when employing it while you're out?

Taking Good Care of Your Laptop Batteries

Well, I am certain these questions make you think about how to take good care of your laptop batteries so here are some useful points.

First, when you use a laptop as a desktop computer substitute, check that you don't leave the batteries within the unit for a long time since naturally; the laptop will discharge the battery after a few hours. Nevertheless, should it occur that your battery has become discharged, remove it immediately and make sure that it is charged to half of its capacity. After which, wrap the battery in a dry fabric and put it in a warm and dry location and check that that it is in a secure place.

Re-Install Your Laptop Batteries Regularly

Exercise your batteries and put them back in on a frequent basis. This will permit them to exhaust the right way as leaving fully charged batteries inactive for a long time will fully drain them and will adversely affect the batteries' useful life. Use the batteries a minimum of every two and three weeks.

Keep The Laptop Batteries' Metal Connections Clean

Clean the metal contacts of your batteries. Do this regularly every few months using a cloth dampened with alcohol as this helps your battery to transmit power more efficiently.

Keep the Operating Temperature Low

Your laptop will function more efficiently if it is cooler. This is why you need to always inspect your air vents by making use of a fabric or a cleaning agent made for cleansing keyboards, or better yet, you can invariably look online for more helpful hints on attending to your laptop battery.

Refine Your Power Options.

Laptop Batteries - Why Do They Have a Short Lifespan?

If you do own a laptop, you should know that they are simply as portable as the next discount store. Most companies that promote their laptop batteries manufacture these equipments so that they may be used anywhere and there will be no setback but there is a setback. You just have a few hours maximum of usual word processing type and then you are done except if you have a backup battery or you have a place to plug it in to revive it. Again, the other trouble is that so many places that you go and would love to use your laptop do not have enough power outlets and so you are stocked. This is just the simple truth.

Therefore, my key question is why on earth are laptop batteries so bad? In order to obtain an answer for this question, i am going to do a search online and try to find as many details as possible and then I will go ahead to pack it into the next 2 paragraphs or so. Well, we would like to begin with what nearly all batteries are built of and that is Lithium-Ion cells (older laptop batteries were built of nickel cadmium). Honestly, these batteries possess a lot of benefits such as no memory and no scheduled cycling (That does not mean exactly that it is a useful perception to frequently run your battery dead). In fact, these batteries are very low to maintain.

Nevertheless, just because their cell oxidation cannot be changed through cycling, there is a definite and little lifespan for these batteries. This should be around two to three years and is not necessarily lengthened by not using them as oxidation goes on in the form of self-discharge as well as when stored. Indeed, it is advised that we store these batteries at about 40 to 45% capacity and in a cool place. Be aware that the 40% capacity gives it the power to self-discharge gradually without going dead completely (which is actually bad for these laptop batteries).

In fact, these laptop batteries will oxidize very slowly in cooler temperatures which prolongs their lifespan. Moreover, these power cells are not intended for long term storage as previously said because the self-discharge will drain it every now and then to the point of no return. The reason why these modern laptop batteries cost so much than they used to is for the reason that they do need an internal circuit that stops it from getting overcharged. Furthermore, overcharging might as well induce the battery to high temperature and as a such they could burst into flames.


Yoga C940 14 Battery, Laptop Batteries For LENOVO Yoga C940 14 Laptop
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