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Where my battery will be shipped from?

I didn't receive the tracking number of my package?

  • Don't worry, you can get the tracking infromation by 1 click on our site . Click to get the tracking number >>
  • If you still can't receive the email, please try to contact us with another email address. (Our email may be blocked)

The battery on your website is original or replacement?

  • We have both original and replacement battery on our site. These original battery were whosaled from original factory or the market, we have tested it. just order it freeely.l

What's the battery cells of these laptop batteries?

  • Original battery -------- Original battery cells,
  • Replacement battery cells ----------Grace A, Brand New ZhuoNeng Battery Cells.

I can't find the battery on your site, what should i do ?

  • Just show me some pictures of your original battery, we can help you find it.

I ordered a battery, but the battery number is not the same as i ordered?

  • Please compare the battery with your original battery, if you find they are not the same, just contact us with some pictures.

The battery i received from you is just working for 1 month, it is in warranty, can i get a new one?

  • Yes, just contact our servive to get a return number, We can help you replace it for free.

Can we go to your warehouse to pick up my batteries?

  • Sorry, we don't accpet local pick up orders now.

I don't like the battery, can i return it to your warehouse directly?

  • No, Please contact our service to get a return number first, or your packge will be refused.
  • Every email will be reply in 24 hours, if you didn't receive our email , please try to contact us with another email address.

Can you tell me your phone number?

  • We have listed phone number last year, but get many Advertising Phone every day.
  • We have online chat on our site, customer can contact us in time.
  • Tell us your phone number in the email ,so we can call back.
  • For better service, we hope every customer can contact us by email .
  • Whatsapp is ok, but need contact us by email first.

Replacement Laptop Battery CE / FCC / RoHS Certification :

Laptop Battery CE / FCC / RoHS Certification


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If you have any other question from our website, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours.

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