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Guide, how to find a battery number and the laptop model

How to find Battery number?

Find the battery number on battery's label

  • Take off the original battery from your laptop, you can see the battery number on the laptop.
  • Battery numbers are made up of letters, "-" and number etc.
  • There is always some text near the battery number, like " Product ID", " Model ", "P/N" etc.
  • This battery number is AA-PB2VC 6W, Search on our site with " AA-PB2VC6W".

How to find a laptop model?

find the laptop model in the front

find the laptop model in the back

  • You can find the laptop model on the front or the back of your laptop.
  • Search for the "Laptop model" on our site, you can find all the batteries that can work with that laptop.

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