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Replacement laptop battery for COMPAQ Presario V3000 Series Presario V6000 Series Black, 10400mAh 10.8V

We offer this Replacement laptop battery for COMPAQ Presario V3000 Series Presario V6000 Series Black, 10400mAh 10.8V online, 1 year warranty, 30 days money back, Fast Shipping in USA.

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Li-ion battery pack, 10.8V Replacement laptop battery for COMPAQ Presario V3000 Series Presario V6000 Series Black, 10400mAh 10.8V
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  • Battery ID: NHPDV20008800B12O
  • Battery Name: Replacement laptop battery for COMPAQ Presario V3000 Series Presario V6000 Series Black, 10400mAh 10.8V
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Volt: 10.8V
  • Battery Capacity: 10400mAh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Cells Number: 12
  • Cells Quality: Grade A
  • Condition: Brand New, Replacement Battery, 1 Year Warranty
  • Total Sale: 121 Sold
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  • Original price: $ 68.32
  • Today's Price:
    $ 53.97
    ( Updated: 24 Jul 2021 In stock)
  • You Save: $ 14.35
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Replacement laptop battery for COMPAQ Presario V3000 Series Presario V6000 Series Black, 10400mAh 10.8V
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Price: $ 53.97(Date: 2021-07-24)

(Free Shipping in USA )

COMPAQ laptop battery,Notebook battery

HP Compaq Presario V3600 DV6000T DV2000T OEM Laptop Battery

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Replacement  laptop battery for COMPAQ Presario V3000 Series Presario V6000 Series  Black, 10400mAh 10.8V
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